Windows 3.1 Roms

Windows 3.1 System Image
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Windows 3.1 System Information

Windows 3.1x is a series of 16-bit operating environments produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, released on April 6, 1992.  The series began with Windows 3.1, which was first sold during April 1992 as a successor to Windows 3.0.  Subsequent versions were released between 1992 and 1993 until the series was superseded by the Windows 9x series starting in 1995 with Windows 95.  During its lifespan, Windows 3.1 introduced several enhancements to the still MS-DOS-based platform, including improved system stability, expanded support for multimedia, TrueType fonts, and workgroup networking.

Here is a copy of my DOSBox Windows 3.1 setup.  It includes the Windows 3.1 core files, SoundBlaster audio driver, a hi-resolution graphics driver, and a hi-resolution desktop wallpaper.  If you'd rather install from scratch, use the installation disks.

Recommended Emulator - DOSBox)