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If you are new to emulation...

A video game emulator is a computer program that can cause one computer system to act like a different system.  Using emulators allows people with modern computers to play video games from obsolete systems or a different platform without having to buy the operating system or machine.

Console emulators recreate other systems and make them compatible with your computer.  While they are most often used to revisit classic games long out of print or systems off the market for decades, they can also be used to modify games or translate them.  Recently, classic gaming fans have been able to create new games for old consoles using emulator systems.

The first widely used video game emulator was released by a game-developing company called Bloodlust Software.  The emulator, first created in 1997, replicated the original Nintendo Entertainment System and was nicknamed NESticle.  The program proved a smash hit with those longing for the glory days of console gaming, and was quickly followed by Bloodlust Software’s Sega Genesis emulator, Genecyst.

Here is Zelda running in FCE Ultra, and Super Mario All-Stars running in Snes9X, for example:
The Legend of Zelda emulated in FCE Ultra     Super Mario All-Stars emulated in Snes9X
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